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Nestled within the serene beauty of Karak, Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia, Zen Forest sprawls across 180 acres of pristine private estate, bordering a lush reserved forest. Conveniently located just a 1.5-hour scenic drive from the bustling heart of Kuala Lumpur and a mere 20 minutes from Karak Town, our retreat offers a harmonious blend of luxury and nature. 

We’re proud to offer a unique experience where guests can reconnect with nature while enjoying the comforts of our rustic villa and six cozy campsites. Whether you’re relaxing by the waterfall, exploring trails, or trying out our activities, Zen Forest ensures every moment is filled with peace and adventure. Come join us in celebrating the beauty of the natural world!



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Just a 1-minute walk away from the resort, guests can find the beautiful river that flows through boulders and pebbles. Step into the fine sand at the river to feel the cool river water flowing through your body which relaxes and cleanses your mind.


A beautiful gift from Mother Nature – Zen Fall is just 4-minutes trek away from Campsite D (Waterfall Campsite).

Chasing Dawn

Visit Zen Forest Summit before 6.45 am to catch the sunrise while enjoying breakfast. The sea of clouds often appears along with the sunrise. It is especially thick when there’s rain on the day before.


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Water Rafting

With our floating tube activities, you can unwind and soak up the sun while gently drifting along the river. It’s an excellent activity for families, groups of friends, or solo adventurers who want to enjoy the great outdoors in a fun and relaxing way.

Floating Tube

Experience the thrill of a lifetime and make a splash with our exciting rafting adventures. (Subject to weather)

RM10 / pax
Stream Trekking

The stream is mysterious enough to attract your sensory inputs. You can see many different kinds of wild plants and insects in this area. Trek from stream to waterfall campsite. The trekking distance towards Zen Fall is 900m.

RM10 / pax
Palm Oil Harvesting & Rubber Tapping Experience

Our tour guide will demonstrate and explain the process of harvesting palm oil and rubber. You can try it on yourselves too! 

RM10 / syringe
Pure Kelulut Honey Tasting Experience

Roselles, passion fruits and pure Kelulut honey are available here. We harvest the honey straight in front of our guests. You may taste the freshly harvested honey on the spot. 

Total harvest per kg
Organic Farm Harvesting

Hands on harvesting while learning the natural fruits and vegetables fresh from farm.

RM10 / pax / hour

*Only available when Zen Forest resort is vacant. Please check with admin.

RM 100 / hour

*Only available when Zen Forest resort is vacant. Please check with admin.


  • Zen Villa

    Welcome to Zen Forest Villa Resort, where luxury and nature converge for an unforgettable escape. Our private villa boasts three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dry and wet kitchen, and a cozy living room. Relaxation awaits outside with your own private pool, surrounded by lush greenery. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or adventure in the outdoors, our villa provides the perfect setting for your getaway.

  • Zen Camping

    Zen Forest accomodate all guests from ameteur to professional camper with an unforgettable experience that combines the comforts of home with the beauty of nature. From our spacious accommodations to our modern amenities, every detail is carefully curated to ensure your stay is nothing short of perfect. 

     If you are new and want to have an experience of camping, we got your back! Our glamping packages include a well-equipped tent, cooking equipment, delicious breakfast, and other exciting activities, such as palm oil and rubber tapping, fish feeding, and visiting an organic farm. Our team takes care of everything, right from setting up the tent to dismantling it. We provide 2 option tent packages for our guests.

    Pyramid Style Tent ( 1 - 4 pax )
    Cabin Style Tent ( 1 - 4 pax )


Visit our summit before 6.45am to catch the sunrise with free breakfast every morning. If you are lucky enough, you will catch the sea of clouds with the sunrise when there's rain on the day before.

Immerse yourself to the waterfall with just 4min walk from Campsite D.

Palm Oil & Rubber Tapping
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